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Tattoo Removal

Various tools have been used in the past to remove tattoos. Most of the previous methods involved abraiding the skin or injecting the skin with some type of chemical to cause fading of the tattoo. In the early 1990's, specific lasers became available that were either fully or partially successful in removing tattoos. Most often the darker the ink, the more effective the laser was in removing the tattoo. When the laser energy is absorbed by the tattooed tissue, the broken down ink is absorbed by the body, resembling the fading that occurs from exposure to the sun over time.

Most tattoos require multiple appointments to effectively reduce the intensity of the tattooed tissue.The success of the laser tattoo removal depends on the selective destruction of tattoo pigments based on four parameters:

  1. The laser must be able to penetrate deep enough into the skin to reach the tattoo pigment
  2. The laser must be more highly absorbed by the tattoo pigment than the surrounding skin. Different types of tattoos require different types of lasers.
  3. A skilled laser technician will need to monitor the amount of exposure of the tattoo to minimize uncomfortably heating the surrounding tissues.
  4. The laser must deliver a sufficient amount of energy in order to cause the pigment to sufficiently break down.

Most laser tattoo removal treatments will require several treatment sessions that are usually spaced six to eight weeks apart. To see if you are a candidate and approximately how many sessions will be needed to remove your tattoo, schedule an appointment with our clinical technician at 817-654-9066.

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