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A fotofacial is a 30 minute procedure using a laser that emits pulses of light penetrating through the skin causing the collagen and small blood vessels underneath the skin to constrict. The procedure usually involves a series of six full-face treatments spaced at 3-week intervals. Most people state there is minor tenderness felt during the procedure. A topical numbing cream is sometimes applied prior to treatment to make the procedure more comfortable. After the treatment is over you will notice a slight redness to the skin for approximately 24 hours. There is a noticable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles gradually occuring following the treatment.

Fotofacials are effective for fine lines, shallow acne scars, age spots, some pigmented lesions, sun damaged areas and rosacea. To maintain the results short re-care appointments will be necessary to optimize your appearance. For deep scars, wrinkles, frown lines, a conventional face lift procedure will be more effective.